Skurge of the Sea Bass Bomb


Skurge of the Sea Bass Bomb

These are the Finest Umbrella fishing systems currently on the market. Whether recreational, commercial or for bass, blues or small tuna, our rigs are built to out perform and outlast the others, through the utilization of the realistic, "Predator ;vs. Prey" stimulation that gets the Big Bass to strike.  They almost can't help themselves! Bass Bombs have been proven on the FV Odysea to catch more fish and bigger fish, consistently better than any other umbrella rig Capt Ralph Wilkins has used in his over 30 years commercial fishing.

Made from only the finest materials available!
Momoi. Hi catch line .
Jinkai crimps.
Mustad 31022 DT 10/0 Limerick hooks.
2/0 Rosco swivel (USA 225 lb test).
Tooth tuff flexible PVC tubing and Mylar (USA) braid.
Teasers also use the Rosco 2/0 swivel, SS wire (USA) and the same flexible PVC tubing.
Each tube is hand Dyed and Made in the USA.
Daddy Mac "Viper". Most Innovative lures on the market today, are rigged as the deadly stinger.

Captain Ralph's tips for rigging BassBomb:
I prefer to use at least 300 feet of wire line, on a rod and reel properly suited for wire line and sized for the stripers or blues you intend to catch (50# + Class). These rigs have been known to catch multiple keeper size bass in one deployment, therefore a tuna rod makes perfect sense for this application. Slide an egg sinker on to the end of the wire line, remember each oz. of lead can drop the rig an additional 5-7 feet depending on Speed/Direction of the vessel and the tide. Tie off the wire line to a snap swivel using a haywire twist knot and simply clip on your Bass Bomb! Now you are ready for Battle! - Optimum speed for the Bass Bomb is 3-4 knots.  Adjust speed accordingly when faced with heavy Moon tides.

A word from Captain Ralph Wilkins.
"'Bassbombs', my old time favorite fishing rig just made a lot better today, by including quality made hand dyed worms and the famous Daddy Mac Viper, stinger! As a younger Brooklyn boy outta Jamaica bay, I can't help remember how many big stripers and chopper blues we caught trolling umbrella rigs in places like the rockaway jetty, romer shoal, Norton's point, the Roundhouse and many others, I can remember them all.  Blood red worms was my favorite tube color for Striped Bass. After not targeting Bass and Bluefish for many years, due to chasing Giant Bluefin Tuna in the gulf of Maine, the relocation of the Odysea to Provincetown gave me an opportunity to once again target Stripers and Blues both commercially and for charters.  My 31 foot B.H.M. is an awesome vessel, suitable for most fisheries, except anything that has a run and gun to it, but she is the perfect vessel to target Stripers and Blues via trolling umbrella rigs once again like the old days, problem being the rigs sold in tackle stores were lasting me a trip or two at the most.  Umbrella frames were breaking, we was losing big fish due to rusted pointless hooks in the matter of only days.  So, due to a serious need for a better rig, I made, tested, and developed my Bassbombs.  Made from the finest quality tuna gear, the entire rig is made with heavy duty diamond line, all crimped connections, and hand dyed worms in multiple colors with high quality Mustad hooks and swivels that won't rust.  Finally, the deadly Daddy Mac Viper, as a stinger, that simulates the most life like action we have ever seen in a plastic lure, and it is deadly!  With multiple rigs of different worm colors and multiple rigged stingers you now have a highly effective fishing system. Lighter colors on the darker days and darker color worms on the brighter days.  We have the stingers to match the hatch, so to say. Mackerel, Bunker, and Natural Eel are our favorites and most popular stingers. We suggest at least one of each worm color and one of each stinger baits for Maximum Effectiveness!  Our rigs have been commercially tested and have taken up to 4 commercial size keepers on one rig, on one let out and will out fish any other rig of its kind!"

Capt. Ralph Wilkins.
F/V Odysea

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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